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Church History

  • Timothy Baptist  Church as of today is Seventy-Six years of age!

The Holy Spirit driven  and historical journey of Timothy Baptist Church began on one Sunday afternoon on March 6, 1940 as a prayer meeting started and the Spirit of the Lord filled the room where a few friends met at the home of Mrs. Ruth Jones at 2334 Hancock Street, Brooklyn New York. Among those present were founders Rev. Amos R. Conlley, Mrs Bertha Jones, Mrs. Mary Smith and Mrs Ruth Jones. The church was formed and given the name First Baptist church of Salvation. It was Ms. Edna Campell who purchased the church's first song book and held the positon of Church Pianist.

Mr. Charles H. Ancrum Sr.  joined First Baptist Church of Salvation and was ordained as Deacon along with Mr. Charles Coope; both of whom served faithfully as Superintendents of the Sunday School, who were later called into the Ministry. The First Baptist Church congregation grew in numbers requiring more space for worship. Their second location was store-front at 284 Lexington Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. on April 3, 1940. Continued church growth resulted in their moving into the Old Concord Baptist Church at 179 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. It was in 1948 that Pastor Conley organized the Minister's Evangelist Union which consisted of Ministers from Brooklyn, New York City and Long Island. 

The First Baptist Church of Salvation then purchased a small building with an adjoining lot at 321 Madison Street on April 6, 1954. The name of the Church was then changed to Timothy Baptist Church of which they remained for six years until the City of New York chose the church property to build a school. Timothy Baptist Church searched and found a new location where on November 20, 1960; the congregation marched into its current location at 1200 Jefferson Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y.

In  January of 1969 Pastor Conley while visiting his home state of Georgia was stricken with a stroke and died a few days later. Rev. Conlaey served the church for Twenty-Niine years.

Timothy Baptist Church has been blessed with great leaders. Rev. J. Dickinson served as Pastor for several months before resigning. Rev. U.B. Whitfield, Pastor of Friendship Baptist Church of Brooklyn was then appointed   Pastor in charge of Timothy Baptist Church. Pastor Whitfield's work, encouragment and spiritual advice resulted in the paying off of the mortgage for Timothy Baptist Church.

In 1974 Dr. Charles H. Ancrum Sr. a former member of this church was called to serve as Pastor. In 1976. Tthe church was partially destroyed by fire. Timothy Baptist Church ws beautifully redesigned by Dr. Ancrum. The construction was formed by church members, a local conntractor and the support of the women of Timothy who prepared meals for the workers. 

The C.H. Ancrum Learning Center was opened as a private parochial school . The main focus was to have students learn in an academic and spiritual environment with the emphasis on individual readiness for advancement. Throughout the years , Bible Class, Prayer services, Sunday Seminars, Health Classes, Afro American studies and discussions of world events were provided in order to  enhance the lives of members and visitors. Dr. Ancrum served as a faithful Pastor for Twenty -Six years until his death on October 21, 2000.

Minister Linda Laney preached and conducted services in the absence of the late Pastor Ancrum's illness and demise. She served wherever she was needed. 

The Lord uses each and everyone at Timothy Baptist Church to continue God's Kingdom bulding plan  by utilizing the gifts of its  congregation, Missionaries,  Deacons,Trustees, Associates, Musicians and Clergy. 

Deacon Leon Whitehurst, (President of the It was Deacon Board) and the Trustees along with the spritiual leladership of Rev. Valentine Sheppard  who led to the unveiling service and pulpit selection committee in March of 2001.

Timothy Baptist Church searched and found  their new Pastor, where a vote was taken on November 8, 2001. Timothy Baptist Church welcomed and chose Rev. Dr. Odell Davis, along by his side; his wife and now our First Lady Sister Gladys Davis. Dr, Davis was formally installed as Pastor of Timothy Baptist Church by his Pastor Rev. John Mungin,Sr. of Brotherhood Baptist Church , Brooklyn, N.Y. on Sunday December 9, 2001. 

The history, mission vision and goals  of Timothy Baptist Church continues! 

Timothy Baptist Church has been a place for clergy development where many are now Pastors.  It is God's mercy and grace that Timothy Baptist Church congregation, Trustees, Deacons, Ushers, Missionaries,  Youth Ministry Leaders, and Musicians remains faithful under the  Servant -Leadership of Rev. Dr. Odell Davis, Pastor,  Rev. Dr. Linda Laney, Assistant Pastor.  Rev. Eric Armstead, Associate Minister and Rev. Dr. Anna Smith, Associate Pastor - Social and Youth Ministries. 

Timothy Baptist Church's Mission and Vision and Goals.

  • Timothy Bapstist Church's is fundamentally based on the scripture " "HAVE FAITH IN GOD!" Mark 11:22 Therefore our mission and vision is faith in God to bring indiviuals and families into the family of God! 
  • Our goal is to win multiple generations to Jesus Christ; Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents and Children. Acknowledging learning and living in accordance to God's precepts; reuniting the basic units of Family!

We Believe!

  • The Bible is the word of God. 
  • Jesus Christ suffered bled and died on the cross at Calvary. Jesus Christ overcame hell and the grave. 
  • Jesus Christ was resurrected from the pit of hell and the grave and walked with us again; giving us the gift of the Holy Spirit! 
  • Jesus Christ ascended into heaven justifying mankind with God, as our redeemer. Henceforth forgiving all our sins. 
  • Jesus Christ now sits at the right hand of the Father and serves as our advocate between God and man. Jesus sayeth unto him; 
  • "I am the way the truth and the light and no one can come to the Father but by me."  John 14:6

Lest We Forget...

Deacon Leon Whitehurst


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