Are You Ashamed to Praise God?

Our Pastor brings us a message from on high!

Rev. Dr. Odell Davis, Pastor

About our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Odell Davis is a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. He was born in March of 1943. Dr. Davis joined the United Air Force where he served from 1961-1969.  Dr. Davis joined Brotherhood Baptist church at 625 Vanderbilt Avenue  Brooklyn, N.Y. under the leadership of Pastor John W. Mungin Sr, of where he became a Deacon in 1979 and then licensed and ordained a minister.  Dr. Davis served as Assistant. Pastor at Brotherhood untill he was called to serve at Timothy Bapsitst Church in December of 2001. Dr. Davis wa eagerly accepted and elected as Pastor by the Timothy Baptist Church family in which he was installed by Pastor John W. Mungin Sr.. 

Dr. Davis academic accomplishments include his receipt of a B.A. in Urban Affairs from American University in Washington D.C. Dr. Davis has also  earned both  Masters in Professional studies and a Doctorate of Ministry at the Alliance Theolgocial Seminary at Nyack, N.Y. Dr. Davis Servant-Leadership  mission is brining families into the family of God. Dr. Davis has been instrumental in getting the block of where Timothy Baptist Church is located to be removed from the NYPD's Red Zone for crime and violence! Henceforth,  Timothy Baaptist Church excersises and emplifies the scripture "Have Faith in God!." Mark 11:22 which is key to our church ministry.

Timothy Baptist Church gives God the PRAISE!

We bless the Lord that  our Sanctuary is near completion of being  fully renovated with state of the art equipment. We wait with anticipation of our downstairs dining, meeting, class, workshop  and office areas will be completed  by January 2018. 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Can I be baptized at Timothy Baptist Church?

Yes you can be baptized after having requestd to be a candidate for Baptism and having engaged in a Pre- Baptism class. We have an on-site  Baptismal pool. We baptize on the first Sunday of every month. Therefore you are encouraged to make an appointment.

Can I be married at Timothy  Baptist Church?

Yes all of our Clergy are New York State Marraige Officiants. We are available for weddings. However you are required to engage in a pre-marital counseling session if not with our clergy; an official letter from your Church/Pastor . We encourage to make an appointment. 

*** Timothy Baptist Church adheres to Baptist Church doctrine and  By-Laws which do not allow  marrying same sex partners,

Is Timothy Baptist Church available for community events, workshops, and conferences?

Yes at present our Sanctuary is ready. However  our downstairs Community room will be available very soon to hold community events, workshops and conferences by appointment. 

Can I receive Counseling from Timothy Baptist Church?

Yes Counseling services are  available after service or by appointment.

 The doors of the church are open to all!

Come as you are!


God Loves You!

No matter what you are going through, no matter what you may have done and no mattter where you are in life. 

The simple fact is God loves you! God loves you so much that he gave us  his only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us all as our substitute to justify us with God and for the forgiveness of our sins!

A Relationship with God begins with the first step.

*The first stepi is to pray the prayer of repentance (to the left) wherever you are. If you prayed the repentancee  prayer you are SAVED! Thus the beginning of your relationship with God as you accept his Son Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

The next Steps!

*Believe and confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior and become baptized, born again, as a new creature in Christ! Therefore; He that beleives and is Baptized shall be saved - Mark 16:16.KJV 

 if any man be in Christ, old things are passed away,behold all things are become new 2nd Corinthians 5:17 KJV

*Lastly find a church home and family where you will worship and learn the word of God You of course are welcome to come here and join our family in Christ!